Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello Kitty Sunset Safari Contest Entry

Hello! Today was my first day off in quite some time and decided i was goning to enter Rebecca Likes Nails nail art contest. The criteria was the art had to include any of the following: gradient, animal print, bows, dots, or hello kitty. Well since i have a mad crazy obsession with hello kitty i was all in! Check out my crazy ideas:

I wanted to do a gradient because they make the best backgrounds. I used Spoiled Plastic Flamingo, Ruby Kisses Tropical Blend, Finger Paints Lemon Sour, and Ruby Kisses Tropical Green. I do my gradients using a fan brush. I love the way they blend together with this method and its so easy. You just have to do with in several coats most of the time but the look is so worth it!. Next i stamped hello kitty using a fauxnaud plate mls-05 i bought on ebay. Next came the leopard and zebra prints on the tips using the same plate.

I has such a sunset feel to the gradient hence the name. I really love working with the Ruby Kisses polishes, they are so pigmented and always turn out great. You can usually get them at beauty supply stores they sell hair.

Hope you love it